Why would one put a child up for adoption rather than have an abortion? There are many reasons for this. Baby placement is a crucial concept for the human race. Although many people complain the world is becoming over populated, the idea of harming a human being before or after the birthing process is almost always shunned and seen as very unacceptable. Nobody can defend the continuation of the human race like the human race itself. It is an underlying instinct all people are born with, unless they are psychologically deranged.

First off, it acquires less money to give a child up for adoption rather than have an abortion. When a birth mother gives her child up for adoption not only is there no fee, but the adoptive parents actually end up paying for all the medical, housing, and utility expenses. If a woman wanted to get an abortion, it would cost anywhere between $500-$2500. There would be additional charges as well, including ultrasounds and prescription medications.
Another reason is the religious and political pressures. The majority of religions are against abortion and about 60% of Americans are against the idea as well. When a woman gets an abortion, she faces people who were once close to her treating her like she is a criminal.  It is difficult for a woman to lose a child, and even more difficult to lose friends and family members because of it. Many woman can’t afford to lose their families or the faith they have with their god, so they end up choosing adoption. Adoption is looked at as the more acceptable choice because most religions favor one putting someone else before there self.
Many woman also think that getting an abortion is better in there favor because it can be confidential, and therefor nobody would have to find out if they were ever pregnant. Although this seems like a better decision regarding a woman’s privacy, it is not correct. Most adoption centers offer confidentiality as well, especially if you request it. If a woman were to decide to get an abortion based on the comfort of confidentiality, she would also have to face many successive years of mental instability. Abortions have been known to cause illnesses such as post abortion stress syndrome or postpartum depression. These conditions have further lead to more illnesses like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep disorders, and suicidal thoughts.