If you were given the responsibility of providing gun laws for the United States, or entire world, what would you choose? Many individuals desire to acquit the market and production of certain types of hand guns or rifles. Other extremist believe guns should be outlawed all together. However, 2016 is bringing a much more realistic and genuine ideal to the books. Leaders, mostly in Britain, have continued to push for some more specific laws related upon ones background, their stability, and there availability to possess guns. Although it can be quite difficult to determine the mental stability of a human being, it is more difficult to experience the outcome of giving mentally ill individuals weapons. It is important for our leaders to take action when it comes to the regulation of guns and the people who use them. Or, it may not be only the people who use them but more importantly the minds that use them. If an individual has had a history of Schizophrenia or anger management issues, it would be an intelligent decision to keep guns out of their hands. It is proved that mentally ill people act quite differently when they possess weapons, versus mentally stable people who utilize them. Many of these unstable people also not only use the weapons to harm others, but also themselves. Guns have been increasingly more involved with suicides than ever before. Since most suicides can be linked with emotionally distraught individuals, it would make even more sense to keep the guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. This way not only would the homicide rate decrease, but the suicide rate would decrease as well. Developing gun control laws may seem almost impossible to perfect. However, what people and individuals of authority need to realize once again is that it is acceptable if the law is not exactly perfect as long as it saves many more lives than prior. No existing law is perfect in its form but most do their job of keeping humanity out of chaos and on a steady path. The recently enacted laws that restrict the possession of guns amongst the mentally stable have been said to have caused more deaths compared to lives kept safe. Taking guns or defense weapons away from people who are capable of handling them leads to vulnerability in cases where an individual and surrounding others may need to defend themselves. Guns need to now be kept in the hands of the mentally stable and kept away from individuals who are unfortunately unable to understand or utilize them safely and correctly