According to the latest reports, the new system by which Canadian passports are processed is highly susceptible to tampering and fraud. The flaws in the system may be due to the fact that the new passport program was hurried into place this past May, even though top brass pointed out red flags that could result in serious threats to security.

One of the fears, according to internal reports is that this new system could make it easier for passports to wind up in the wrong hands, leading to an increase in passport forgery and fraudulent behavior.

Ever since the new procedure was implemented, those in charge have been frantically working to correct the problem, which includes scores of security gaps and glitches. When the problem was not resolved within a few weeks, some officials recommended shutting down the production of passports until things were completely fixed.

However, that advice was not heeded, and the passports are still being made under the security-lax system. For example, it was found that government employees could take an approved passport and change the photo. Also, the information that appears on the passport may not match what is in the official government database.

Rob Nicholson, the current Foreign Affairs Minister, expressed his confidence in the system, saying that it has been and will continue to be tops in the world. He said that any issues that arise are quickly tended to and fixed.

However, one security expert says that’s not enough. Ex-CSIS analyst David Charland says that in the current world atmosphere of vamped-up security, the reports out of Citizenship and Immigration Canada are indeed worrisome. The glitches and gaps that are happening right now could make it easier for suspect individuals to freely enter and leave Canada, Charland says. He also fears that it will cause a great deal of inconvenience for law-abiding travelers to and from Canada who do not realize there are mistakes on their new passports.

What’s more, a Canada passport is the way Canadians obtain other important documents, including license to drive. Under the current system and its problems, applying for such a document could become a real headache.