Laws across the United States related to access to abortion have become more strict in recent times that require considerable financial assistance and help. This may be why many women are considering abortion alternatives these days.


In most of the state legislation has made access to abortion for women so stringent, that before actually getting an abortion, a woman in most of the cases has to travel long distance. Most locations can be several miles for medical checkup and other legalities and formalities. This potentially signifies time off from work and home implying a decrease in income and a disrupted work life balance. Moreover, undergoing the process of accessing abortion itself is very expensive and often requires considerable financial assistance. There are several federal, non-federal and private organizations who do offer financial aid if you are seriously weighing abortion options.


If the financial aid is not enough for you, abortion alternatives may be found online. This includes giving up your child up for adoption or opting for foster care. In most cases, this implies that a woman should go through the entire phase of pregnancy and childbirth. For some, this can be quite gruesome and overwhelming if a woman is not prepared for pregnancy.

Abortion alternatives offer great options for those who are uncertain what they would like to do when it comes to their unplanned pregnancy. There are two prominent organizations that help women to go through the whole abortion procedure and also assists them with financial aid. These two organizations are:

  • Planned Parenthood – Center for choice and
  • National Abortion Federation or NAF.

Though there are also several other organizations, these two are the most popular among others. These two organizations are all across the United States. Their services are abortion-specific, and NAF services include:

  • Case management consultation and referral for abortion cases
  • Assisting with funding required for abortion and also referral services for funding management and sources
  • Referrals to reputed and experienced abortion provider in the designated area of the subject.


So, if you are seriously considering abortion, then contact these organizations. You can get general information from their website about the financial aid available for abortion alternatives.