Is there any major difference between American teeth and Canadian teeth? There is but there shouldn’t be any such substantial difference considering the same ancestry. Present day Americans and Canadians have hailed from Europe, primarily Britain and France with Spain and Italy following the trends and there is a staggering populace of African origin. Asians too form a substantial part of the American and Canadian populaces. Theoretically or biologically, people of a particular ethnicity or ancestry would have a certain type of teeth. African Americans have considerably different teeth compared to Indo Canadians. Likewise, the Canadians of French origin have different teeth than Americans of Spanish origin. Whether it is Caucasians or Blacks or Hispanics or Asians, teeth vary across ethnicities and not nationalities, certainly not between nations like America and Canada, both of whom are melting pots of people from all across the world.
The principal difference or the key factor of American teeth vs. Canadian teeth is the manner in which Americans and Canadians maintain their teeth. Right from childhood, Americans are trained and programmed to believe that straight, perfectly aligned and crystal white teeth are the least what a person must possess. Canadians are more likely to take the British route of assessing the quality of their teeth. They don’t mind crooked or slightly weird shaped teeth. They don’t mind their teeth being slightly off colored or off white. This distinction has to do with what is perceived to be good looking or desirable. Americans have set a very high standard for themselves and the definition of beauty does vary across the border.

When kids are taken to an Irvine dentist at a tender age, they are consistently told about desirable teeth and thus every average American grows believing in the possibility of being frowned upon or disliked if they don’t have perfect teeth. As a result, people take to bleaching products which are supposed to get rid of all stains from the teeth. This apparently gets Americans the spotless glowing white teeth. At times, such teeth look cosmetic or plastic but that is still held as beautiful and enticing.
Canadians don’t have such pre-notions or cravings. They like their teeth having character and being unique. They want their natural teeth to be just the way they are and not apparently manufactured or cosmetically treated for whatever reason.