26 Jan

Heart to Heart does not sell, trade, or transfer to external parties

Heart to Heart Adoptions baby placement center, located in Utah, will accumulate knowledge from an individual when they fill out a form regarding their baby placement plans. When ordering or registering on the site, one may be inquired to enter a name, e-mail address, or phone number. One can also visit the site unidentified. The agency will utilize a person’s information for customizing an experience and acknowledging more adequately to certain baby placement needs. They will also use it to advance their website as well as better customer service. And, they will use information to embalm activities and distribute occasional emails. Any kind of Information provided to Heart to Heart Adoptions will never be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other association for any reason without approval from the provider. This is other than for the express purpose of giving the purchased merchandise or business requested. The email address one would provide for order converting would only be serviced to forward a person information and updates pertaining to the order. Heart to Heart Agency would further assure one’s information by carrying out an array of security measures to preserve the security of personal information when one places an order, submits, or access personal information. They also disburse the use of a secure server. And, all supplied sensitive/credit information via secure socket layer technology and then encrypted into our Payment gateway providers database only to be available by those accredited with proper access rights to such systems, and are necessary to keep the information confidential. Heart to Heart also uses cookies which are miniature files that a site or its service provider transports to computers hard drives through ones Web browser. These condition the sites or service providers systems to identify a browser and confiscate and remember certain information. Cookies also benefit the agency to remember and process the items in ones shopping cart, apprehend and save preferences for future visits, keep track of advertisements, and assemble combined data about site movement and communication so that they can apply exceptional site experiences and tools in the future.

Heart to Heart does not sell, trade, or transfer to external parties ones intimate identifiable information. This, however, does not include credible third parties who assist in running there website, conducting the business, or servicing a customer, so long as those parties concur to keep the information private. They may also release an individuals information when they believe release is suitable to comply with the law, enforce there site policies, or protect others or there rights, property, or safety. However, non-personally identifiable visitor information may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses. Occasionally, at there caution, Heart to Heart may add or offer third party products or services on there website. These third party sites have isolated and independent privacy policies. They therefor have no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these linked sites. Nonetheless, they investigate to cushion the integrity of their site and welcome any responses about the sites.

Due to the agency valuing an individuals privacy, they have taken the fundamental precautions to be in conformity with the California Online Privacy Protection Act. They therefor will not administer ones personal information to outside parties without consent. They are in compliance with the requirements of Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act as well, and they do not compile any information from anyone under the age of thirteen years old. There website, products, and services are all aimed to people over the age of thirteen. The online privacy policy applies only to information through there website and not to information collected offline.

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22 Jan

Firearms make up 114 million handguns, 86 million shotguns and 110 million rifles.

In America there are approximately 310 million firearms possessed by civilians. These firearms make up 114 million handguns, 86 million shotguns and 110 million rifles. Interestingly, 20% of gun owners own slightly more than 65% of the guns in the US. Gun laws regarding ownership vary per state, and the three states with the most acquired federal background checks for gun ownership are Kentucky, California, and Texas respectively. Interestingly, Kentucky has a population of around 4.4 million people and the FBI performed slightly under three million background checks for potential gun owners. This gave Kentucky the title of most guns per capita- almost one gun per three citizens. On a nationwide scale, the FBI conducted 19.8 million background investigations in 2015 alone. 47.4% of gun applications are denied by the FBI due to felony conviction or indictment. The United States is the first ranked country of guns per capita worldwide according to a Switzerland based small arms survey. This survey found that in the U.S. there are 112.6 firearms per 100 civilians. The second country is Serbia where they hold a shockingly low in comparison 69.7 firearms per 100 civilians.

In terms of illegal handgun ownership in the United States, 86% of minors in juvenile correction facilities have illicitly obtained a gun. They have owned approximately three or more handguns and illegally modified shotguns prior to arriving at the correction facility as well. Any gun, handgun or otherwise, possessed by a minor regardless of how it was obtained is categorized as an illegal firearm due to the minimum age requirement being eighteen years old. According to a study conducted in 2007, only 15% of handguns possessed by federal inmates over the age of eighteen were purchased through a retail store. Handguns are the most commonly obtained illegal firearm due to their ability to be easily concealed. This study continues to state that the majority of these handguns are given to the inmates by close friends and family members. A common way for gun owners to illegally acquire a firearm is referred to as a straw purchase. This occurs when the actual buyer of a firearm uses another person to complete the necessary paperwork at an authorized firearm retail store. If one is caught undergoing a straw purchase in terms of a handgun, shotgun, or rifle, extreme consequences will be issued. These punishments include a felony, ten years in prison, and a hefty fine of around $250,000.

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baby placement
06 Jan

Why would one put a child up for adoption?

Why would one put a child up for adoption rather than have an abortion? There are many reasons for this. Baby placement is a crucial concept for the human race. Although many people complain the world is becoming over populated, the idea of harming a human being before or after the birthing process is almost always shunned and seen as very unacceptable. Nobody can defend the continuation of the human race like the human race itself. It is an underlying instinct all people are born with, unless they are psychologically deranged.

First off, it acquires less money to give a child up for adoption rather than have an abortion. When a birth mother gives her child up for adoption not only is there no fee, but the adoptive parents actually end up paying for all the medical, housing, and utility expenses. If a woman wanted to get an abortion, it would cost anywhere between $500-$2500. There would be additional charges as well, including ultrasounds and prescription medications.
Another reason is the religious and political pressures. The majority of religions are against abortion and about 60% of Americans are against the idea as well. When a woman gets an abortion, she faces people who were once close to her treating her like she is a criminal.  It is difficult for a woman to lose a child, and even more difficult to lose friends and family members because of it. Many woman can’t afford to lose their families or the faith they have with their god, so they end up choosing adoption. Adoption is looked at as the more acceptable choice because most religions favor one putting someone else before there self.
Many woman also think that getting an abortion is better in there favor because it can be confidential, and therefor nobody would have to find out if they were ever pregnant. Although this seems like a better decision regarding a woman’s privacy, it is not correct. Most adoption centers offer confidentiality as well, especially if you request it. If a woman were to decide to get an abortion based on the comfort of confidentiality, she would also have to face many successive years of mental instability. Abortions have been known to cause illnesses such as post abortion stress syndrome or postpartum depression. These conditions have further lead to more illnesses like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep disorders, and suicidal thoughts.


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18 Nov

Scheer Named Conservative House Leader


Andrew Scheer, the former House of Commons speaker, was just named by interim Conservative Party Leader Rona Ambrose as the Opposition House leader. The party is looking to regain ground after losing in the last election.

Scheer is set to take over his new duties on December 3. It will be the first time the House has met since the vote which took place on October 19. Scheer will be tasked with directing the Opposition Party’s day-to-day affairs in the House of Commons, as well as negotiating with the other parties concerning debates and bills.

Scheer expressed what an honor it was to take on the new role, stating that he is accustomed to cooperating with Parliament members from all parties. He also expressed his commitment to healthy debate in the House of Commons and doing the right thing for the country.

American 2016 Election Update:

In other conservative political news, things are heating up in the race for the American presidency, as candidates are vying for position and landing key endorsements. Marco Rubio, a conservative senator from the state of Florida, has just received the financial backing and support of conservative Idaho businessman Frank VanderSloot. VanderSloot is the billionaire founder and CEO of Melaleuca, a consumer products company that does business in 19 countries, including Canada.

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16 Nov

Who will win the American presidency?

It is too early to predict who would win the American presidency. If you were to go by the media reports, it may seem to be a fight between Clinton and Trump. That is not the case. Donald Trump is as unlikely to be the eventual presidential candidate for the Republicans as likely Hillary Clinton is to be the presidential candidate for the Democrats. Many experts see Hillary Clinton as the next president, partly because their belief that the democrats will get another four years in the White House and partly because many feel that it is time for the first woman president in the oldest democracy of the world.

Hillary Clinton has her pros and cons. While her pros are not being helped with her emails fiasco and other slips and misses here and there, her cons are certainly being balanced out by a fractured Republican party. There are just so many people trying to get a seat at the high table that the primaries would be one big mess. Republicans simply don’t know what to do with so many contenders. That there are differences in opinions and contrasting views on policies have already been made obvious. The relatively high and low profile clashes within the party will perhaps leave the voters disillusioned. That is not the case with the democrats.

In all likelihood, Hillary Clinton would get a shot at the presidency, something she had tried more than once and had safely found a place in the cabinet with Barack Obama. If the latter scripted history by being the first African American president then Clinton is poised to make history as the first woman president. Bear in mind that a majority of the voters in the United States are women.

Clinton has more administrative experience than most people in the reckoning. Even some of the senators who have been in office for two and three terms do not have the kind of exposure that Clinton has. Hillary Clinton has been in multiple roles, from being the First Lady to a senator and multiple positions in the cabinet. She is perhaps the most fitting candidate if it was a job solely based on exposure and having done what one needs to do.

Should Clinton falter, the entire fight might and will go down to the wire. Otherwise, the republicans or the fellow democrats don’t seem to be doing anything that will sway the whole nation to support their quest for the White House.

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16 Nov

How to use ballot boxes for an election!

Ballot boxes have been used for voting across the world and are still used in certain countries. But most countries have switched to electronic voting. Ballot boxes are still used for an election at companies, associations and communities among others. Also known as secret ballot, a ballot box is a temporarily sealed box which has a tiny opening at the top, more like a slot that allows people to insert the ballot papers. The ballot papers are tiny pieces of paper where a voter records the vote and slides it in the ballot box. After all votes have been registered, the ballot box is opened and the votes are counted.
Ballot boxes have existed before democracy became the preferred form of government across the world. Ballot boxes have been used in ancient and medieval times to record votes of nobles, lords, senators and ministers. Usually, black ballot boxes are used to keep the votes a secret. A transparent ballot box may make it obvious who someone is voting for. But, in many cases ballot boxes were found to have been pre-loaded with fraudulent votes. This had many people recommending the use of white or transparent ballot boxes, just to ensure that there are no ballot papers inside the box already. The need for transparent ballot boxes often compelled the election organizers to use a piece of opaque cloth that would be wrapped around the box after it had been proved that the boxes are empty. After receiving the votes, the piece of cloth would be removed, the seal would be opened and the ballot papers would be brought out to calculate the votes.
Black ballot boxes are a rather simple and utilitarian way to conduct an election but it had been heavily criticized for many reasons. Most of those reasons were man made. People with nefarious intentions would compromise the security of the ballot boxes. There are innumerable cases of tampering with ballot boxes and destroying votes. Fraudulent votes and false or duplicate votes have also been common in the history of ballot boxes.
Today, ballot boxes are often used in conjunction with electronic systems. The voters register themselves at the polling booths or stations and then go onto use a ballot paper to register their vote in a ballot box. This records the footfall of a voter and the subsequent vote, thus doing away with a substantial chance of fraud.

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16 Nov

A Quaint Assessment of American Teeth Vs Canadian Teeth

Is there any major difference between American teeth and Canadian teeth? There is but there shouldn’t be any such substantial difference considering the same ancestry. Present day Americans and Canadians have hailed from Europe, primarily Britain and France with Spain and Italy following the trends and there is a staggering populace of African origin. Asians too form a substantial part of the American and Canadian populaces. Theoretically or biologically, people of a particular ethnicity or ancestry would have a certain type of teeth. African Americans have considerably different teeth compared to Indo Canadians. Likewise, the Canadians of French origin have different teeth than Americans of Spanish origin. Whether it is Caucasians or Blacks or Hispanics or Asians, teeth vary across ethnicities and not nationalities, certainly not between nations like America and Canada, both of whom are melting pots of people from all across the world.
The principal difference or the key factor of American teeth vs. Canadian teeth is the manner in which Americans and Canadians maintain their teeth. Right from childhood, Americans are trained and programmed to believe that straight, perfectly aligned and crystal white teeth are the least what a person must possess. Canadians are more likely to take the British route of assessing the quality of their teeth. They don’t mind crooked or slightly weird shaped teeth. They don’t mind their teeth being slightly off colored or off white. This distinction has to do with what is perceived to be good looking or desirable. Americans have set a very high standard for themselves and the definition of beauty does vary across the border.

When kids are taken to an Irvine dentist at a tender age, they are consistently told about desirable teeth and thus every average American grows believing in the possibility of being frowned upon or disliked if they don’t have perfect teeth. As a result, people take to bleaching products which are supposed to get rid of all stains from the teeth. This apparently gets Americans the spotless glowing white teeth. At times, such teeth look cosmetic or plastic but that is still held as beautiful and enticing.
Canadians don’t have such pre-notions or cravings. They like their teeth having character and being unique. They want their natural teeth to be just the way they are and not apparently manufactured or cosmetically treated for whatever reason.

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03 Nov

Financial Aid for Abortion Options.

Laws across the United States related to access to abortion have become more strict in recent times that require considerable financial assistance and help. This may be why many women are considering abortion alternatives these days.


In most of the state legislation has made access to abortion for women so stringent, that before actually getting an abortion, a woman in most of the cases has to travel long distance. Most locations can be several miles for medical checkup and other legalities and formalities. This potentially signifies time off from work and home implying a decrease in income and a disrupted work life balance. Moreover, undergoing the process of accessing abortion itself is very expensive and often requires considerable financial assistance. There are several federal, non-federal and private organizations who do offer financial aid if you are seriously weighing abortion options.


If the financial aid is not enough for you, abortion alternatives may be found online. This includes giving up your child up for adoption or opting for foster care. In most cases, this implies that a woman should go through the entire phase of pregnancy and childbirth. For some, this can be quite gruesome and overwhelming if a woman is not prepared for pregnancy.

Abortion alternatives offer great options for those who are uncertain what they would like to do when it comes to their unplanned pregnancy. There are two prominent organizations that help women to go through the whole abortion procedure and also assists them with financial aid. These two organizations are:

  • Planned Parenthood – Center for choice and
  • National Abortion Federation or NAF.

Though there are also several other organizations, these two are the most popular among others. These two organizations are all across the United States. Their services are abortion-specific, and NAF services include:

  • Case management consultation and referral for abortion cases
  • Assisting with funding required for abortion and also referral services for funding management and sources
  • Referrals to reputed and experienced abortion provider in the designated area of the subject.


So, if you are seriously considering abortion, then contact these organizations. You can get general information from their website about the financial aid available for abortion alternatives.

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22 Oct

Justin Trudeau Must Be Entrepreneur Friendly

There’s a reason why “Dragon’s Den” is one of the most popular television shows in the country. Canadians loves a good entrepreneur story.

A recent CBC article asks whether incoming Canada prime minister Justin Trudeau will be friendly to entrepreneurs. It’s an important question, because the decisions he will make during his time in office will have a huge impact on business and the economy for decades to come.

During the election cycle, Trudeau was maligned by many for promising to run a deficit. While this may appear to be unwise, entrepreneurs understand how short-term losses lead to long-term gains.

In order to ensure long-term growth of the Canadian economy, Trudeau and the Liberal Party must invest in technology and innovation. They also have to boost funding for skilled jobs training. The legalization of marijuana is something Trudeau has pledged to see through as well. Canadian cannabis entrepreneurs would love to see Canada become a world leader in the production and sale of marijuana.

Many see Canada as being on the brink of big change for the better. If Trudeau acts more like an entrepreneur and less like a politician, the Canadian economy may become the most vibrant and prosperous in its history.

One need only look to our neighbors to the south for examples of entrepreneurship—and how doing business across the border can be beneficial. There are several entrepreneurs in the U.S. that have had success both in their country and by doing business in the U.S. For example, Frank VanderSloot, an executive board member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, owns a $1 billion American company that has successfully been doing business in Canada for over 20 years.

Because Canada has one of the top educational systems in the free world, it should be the best place on earth for entrepreneurs to thrive. Trudeau’s plans to fund startups is a great idea and one that will encourage highly educated Canadians who possess the entrepreneurial spirit.

Let’s hope Trudeau follows through on his plans and promises.


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16 Oct

4 Types of adoptions

4 Types of adoptions

There are many different alternatives to abortion that a pregnant mother could consider.

Here’s some brief information about adoption which is one of the abortion alternatives.


Types of adoption


Independent Adoptions ­


With this type of adoption, there is no agency involved. An intermediary like an attorney

will work with both you and the adoptive parents. The attorney will be able to handle all the

paperwork. Most states allow independent adoptions but first check with your state to make sure there are no additional requirements first.


Agency Adoptions


These agency are licensed and can be public or private. They are regulated by the state

to ensure that the interest of the child is the number one priority. With an agency, you will understand the advantages or alternatives to abortion. Most agencies provide counseling to both the birth and adoptive parents. Once the child is a bit older, counseling is available to them as well. The counseling that is available allows the mother to understand her rights and the abortion alternatives. It is said that once the mother receives counseling she is less likely to changer her mind after giving birth. There are over 3,000 adoption agencies in the United States. This is a combination of both private and public.


Identified Adoption


This is when adopting parents find a birth mother and then work together with an adoption agency. The adoption agency would handle the paperwork and assist with getting things legal. This is a quicker way for the adoptive parents to find a baby to adopt as some agency do not have many newborns available.


Relative Adoptions


In a relative adoption, a member of the child’s family adopts the child. This also known as kinship adoption. In some respect, the adoptive parents can be a grandparent or even an aunt of the biological mother or father.


When considering adoption, it is important not to rush your decision. There are many types of adoption that can suit you. Reach out to an adoption agency in order to get pre-counseling and to get better understanding of adoption or other abortion alternatives work.

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