It is too early to predict who would win the American presidency. If you were to go by the media reports, it may seem to be a fight between Clinton and Trump. That is not the case. Donald Trump is as unlikely to be the eventual presidential candidate for the Republicans as likely Hillary Clinton is to be the presidential candidate for the Democrats. Many experts see Hillary Clinton as the next president, partly because their belief that the democrats will get another four years in the White House and partly because many feel that it is time for the first woman president in the oldest democracy of the world.

Hillary Clinton has her pros and cons. While her pros are not being helped with her emails fiasco and other slips and misses here and there, her cons are certainly being balanced out by a fractured Republican party. There are just so many people trying to get a seat at the high table that the primaries would be one big mess. Republicans simply don’t know what to do with so many contenders. That there are differences in opinions and contrasting views on policies have already been made obvious. The relatively high and low profile clashes within the party will perhaps leave the voters disillusioned. That is not the case with the democrats.

In all likelihood, Hillary Clinton would get a shot at the presidency, something she had tried more than once and had safely found a place in the cabinet with Barack Obama. If the latter scripted history by being the first African American president then Clinton is poised to make history as the first woman president. Bear in mind that a majority of the voters in the United States are women.

Clinton has more administrative experience than most people in the reckoning. Even some of the senators who have been in office for two and three terms do not have the kind of exposure that Clinton has. Hillary Clinton has been in multiple roles, from being the First Lady to a senator and multiple positions in the cabinet. She is perhaps the most fitting candidate if it was a job solely based on exposure and having done what one needs to do.

Should Clinton falter, the entire fight might and will go down to the wire. Otherwise, the republicans or the fellow democrats don’t seem to be doing anything that will sway the whole nation to support their quest for the White House.

business insider