Helmets just make sense as you don’t know when and how an accident could occur. Skill level should NOT be a factor when deciding to wear a helmet as even the best horses can trip and can fall. You simply can’t predict how an accident may occur.

From western bling show shirts to the traditional English show shirt there are options galore in this category. Many schooling shirts and even some newer show shirts are now made from wicking, breathable performance fabrics. There is no reason to roast in the summer and freeze in the winter. Traditionally the western rider goes for Wrangler or Carharrt Jeans and English riders tend to favor breeches or if you are younger, jodhpurs. There are a whole range of styles of horse riding pants in both categories. Good western jeans are comfortable, have seams that won’t rub when riding, and are meant to last. Breeches fit snug on your body. They tend to be made from cotton or other materials combined with some spandex to help them fit. English breeches keep you from sliding around on a smooth leather saddle.

From Fringe laced full leather chaps to the English schooling half chaps there are many types of Chaps and Chinks to fill your needs. Full chaps are worn from the waist all the way down to the ankles, while chinks only go about to the knee. Half chaps are an English version commonly used for schooling or lessons. They connect under your shoe and zip or snap up and end at the knee.
Halters and leads are one of the most frequently used pieces of horse riding equipment there are! Even though we don’t generally use them for riding, we do use it for about everything else!

I prefer longer leads made of yachting braid. This allows the horse to have more drifted if he needs to move his feet. Better quality leads have more feel to them than a cotton or poly rope. Other longer training lines test the level of the communication with your horse from farther away. As for halters, you can read more about those on my horse training halters page.
The bridle is an important piece of horse riding gear. It consists of a headstall which is all of the parts of the bridle that go on your horses’ head, and the reins that you hold.

For any of your leather horse-riding equipment, including saddles, it’s important to keep them conditioned and clean. One of the best products for polishing and maintaining leather is Rustic Touch furniture polish from Melaleuca.com. Like all Melaleuca products, it’s made from ingredients that are safe for you, your horse, and the environment.

Dressage double bridles are considered as important piece of equipment nowadays perhaps it is compulsory for higher horse riding competition. Double bridles are designed to support the two bits along with the reins. . Double bridles in dressage allow the rider to use more advance form of movements during riding. Moreover it gives aid to control the posture of a horse. Thus it’s a perfect piece of horse riding equipment for those who are heading towards big horse riding competition.