4 Types of adoptions

There are many different alternatives to abortion that a pregnant mother could consider.

Here’s some brief information about adoption which is one of the abortion alternatives.


Types of adoption


Independent Adoptions ­


With this type of adoption, there is no agency involved. An intermediary like an attorney

will work with both you and the adoptive parents. The attorney will be able to handle all the

paperwork. Most states allow independent adoptions but first check with your state to make sure there are no additional requirements first.


Agency Adoptions


These agency are licensed and can be public or private. They are regulated by the state

to ensure that the interest of the child is the number one priority. With an agency, you will understand the advantages or alternatives to abortion. Most agencies provide counseling to both the birth and adoptive parents. Once the child is a bit older, counseling is available to them as well. The counseling that is available allows the mother to understand her rights and the abortion alternatives. It is said that once the mother receives counseling she is less likely to changer her mind after giving birth. There are over 3,000 adoption agencies in the United States. This is a combination of both private and public.


Identified Adoption


This is when adopting parents find a birth mother and then work together with an adoption agency. The adoption agency would handle the paperwork and assist with getting things legal. This is a quicker way for the adoptive parents to find a baby to adopt as some agency do not have many newborns available.


Relative Adoptions


In a relative adoption, a member of the child’s family adopts the child. This also known as kinship adoption. In some respect, the adoptive parents can be a grandparent or even an aunt of the biological mother or father.


When considering adoption, it is important not to rush your decision. There are many types of adoption that can suit you. Reach out to an adoption agency in order to get pre-counseling and to get better understanding of adoption or other abortion alternatives work.